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Course Basics
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Course Syllabus,
Spring, 2011

Course Overview

Course Objectives

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Multimedia and Readings

Political Cartoonists - Social Commentary through Illustrated Humor



Units of Study
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Foundations of Government
Chapter 1: Principles of Government
Chapter 2: Origins of American Government

The U.S. Political System
Chapter 8: Public Opinion
Chapter 9: Interest Groups
Chapter 10: Political Parties
Chapter 11: Politics in Action

The Legislative Branch
Chapter 12: Congress - Its Powers, Structure and Members
Chapter 13: The Lawmaking Process

The Executive Branch
Chapter 14: The Office of President
Chapter 15: The Powers of the President
Chapter 16: Government at Work

The Judicial Branch
Chapter 17: The Supreme Court and the Federal Court System
Chapter 18: Law and the Legal Process

States and Capitals
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