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The last remaining absolute King and Prime Minister Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, who inherited the throne on August 1, 2005, upon the death of King Fahd.
Military officers who take power and rule a nation are most often called a junta - a Spanish word meaning a group of individuals forming a government, especially after a revolution or coup d'etat (meaning the overthrow of a government).  A junta is another kind of oligarchy.  Such military have been fairly common in Latin America, Africa, and other parts of the world during the past century.  A junta known simply as “the colonels” ruled Greece from 1967 to 1975.  It is not unusual for one member of the ruling group to assume more and more power and eventually become a dictator.
Adolf Hitler is an example of this – gaining power legally in a time of crisis – he was actually elected, by a single vote of German lawmakers, to head the German government as its Chancellor – and soon, after the place where Germany’s lawmakers met was burned down by Hitler’s supporters, Hitler disbanded the rest of the existing government and took over complete control.