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Political Parties in the United States of the summer of 2004...


Directory of U.S. Political Parties at Politics1 -- privately operated site, "Founded in 1997, Politics1 is published as a non-partisan public service to promote fully informed decision-making by the American electorate."
Politics Navigator -- The New York Times offers a "selective guide to political sites on the Internet," a mostly-annotated list of sites for information on government and politics. (N.Y. Times requires a simple registration to access their site.)
America First Party -- seeks to "restore and revitalize the great American Experiment for the benefit of our nation and all its people. We commit ourselves to elect honest people to public office who adhere to principles based on the wisdom of the Founders and expressed in the United States Constitution and our party platform."
American Reform Party -- free-standing, national group that in 1997 formally split from Ross Perot and his Dallas-based Reform Party; Ralph Nader headed 2000 presidential campaign ticket.
Communist Party U.S.A. -- "Marxist-Leninist working-class party that unites black, brown and white, men and women, youth and seniors... a party that speaks out from a working-class point of view on every vital issue."
Constitution Party -- believes that "We need a return to a government that is limited in its scope and structure; protects all innocent life; protects liberty, not suppresses it; and allows the free pursuance of happiness, not regulation of it."
Constitutionalist Party - - "dedicated to the advancement of human liberty and adherence to the U.S. Constitution."
Democratic Party -- includes general background information about the Democratic Party, candidates, platform, links to related organizations and more.
Democratic Socialists of America -- "largest socialist organization in the United States... principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International," includes links to party publications, documents, more.
Freedom Socialist Party -- refers to itself as a "revolutionary feminist organization dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers' democracy."
Green Party of the United States - part of a larger, international movement dedicated to ecological improvement, democracy, non-violence, and justice in society, includes party documents, lists of contacts and publications.
Independent American Party -- wants to "...promote respect for life, liberty and property; strong traditional families; patriotism; and individual, state and national sovereignty -- with a strong reliance on the Declaration of Independence and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America -- by petition to God and by political and educational means."
Jeffersonian Party -- organized to "...assist the re-election efforts of U.S. House and Senate members who support and adhere to the founding principles of Thomas Jefferson..."
Labor Party -- supports organized labor in its struggle for better working conditions, higher wages and more for American workers.
Libertarian Party - this site includes general information about the party, membership information, lists of documents and party platforms.
National Confederate Party -- believes in "...abolishing the IRS and establishing a National Sales Tax..."
Natural Law Party - works for "prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions to America's problems designed to bring the life of the natin into harmony with natural law," site includes list of candidates and party platform.
New Party - hopes to "return the government of the U.S. to the people of the U.S.," includes general information about the party, a copy of their new Constitution, and reports on the status of society and their party's goals.
New Union Party -- socialist organization with theoretical foundations in the writings of Marx, Engels, and Daniel DeLeon.
Reform Party - - organization founded by Ross Perot, it includes information on its main issues, standards of ethical behavior by government officials, balancing the federal budget, etc.
Republican Party -- includes general background information about the Republican Party, candidates, platform, links to related organizations and more.
Socialist Labor Party -- founded on principles of Marxism, their goal is "a classless society based on collective ownership and control of the industries and social services."
Socialist Party U.S.A. - this group "strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under their own control -- a non-racist, classless, feminist, socialist society in which people cooperate at work, at home, and in the community..."
Workers Party USA -- believe in Marxist philosophy in general, that "Capitalism in the U.S. has reached its final stage, the stage of monopoly capitalism and imperialism..." and works against exploitation of workers, social injustice, etc.
Workers World Party - this party hopes to unite "...Black, Latino, Native, Asian, Arab and white in the struggle against racism," and brings together "women and men, lesbian, gay and straight, youth and seniors, workers and the unemployed, native-born and immigrants to fight for better conditions for all."












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