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Think Tanks


Think tanks are an important part of our nation's political environment.  The American Heritage Dictionary for Idioms defines "think tank" as "A group or organization dedicated to problem-solving and research, especially in such areas as technology, social or political strategy, and the military... "  Think Tanks that appear in the list below are the most widely cited institutions in the mass media.  Their ideological label comes from a FAIR report, which can be found here.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The Brookings Institution
American Enterprise Institute
Center for Defense Information
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Cato Institute
The Centre for Economic and Policy Research
The Council on Foreign Relations
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Economic Policy Institute
Freedom Forum
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for International Economics
Heritage Foundation
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Progressive Policy Institute
The Hudson Institute
The Urban Institute
International Institute for Strategic Studies
World Watch Institute
The Manhattan Institute
Progress and Freedom Foundation
The Rand Corporation












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