Musicals Essay Due on November 16th (No Late Work)

Make certain that your test is typed, double spaced, and that it includes your name and block.  You may use your notes, and other supportive materials in order to complete this test.  You may have someone proof read your paper; you may not have someone write it for you.

1.         Define a production number, give at least four examples of production numbers from “Singin’ in the Rain.” After discussing the number, explain what style they were performed in and who the style was named for (if applicable).  To determine how well you have met the criteria for this assignment evaluate your response using the Singin’ in the Rain” rubric (which can be located on line at

2.         Compare & contrast “A Hard Days Night” and “Help.”  Discuss the significance of both films.  Determine which is the better film and which is the strongest musical, and then make a case for your opinion.  Make a recommendation to your teacher as to which of these files should be dropped from this unit and why, or make a case for retaining both of these films as examples of musicals. 

3.         Using the film review rubric (located on line as your guide, review the film “Beauty and The Beast.” Make certain to include a justification (either for or against) classifying this film as a musical.  Note: in order to do this you will have to explain what the essential elements of musicals are.