Yakima Canutt Actor, second unit director, and legendary stuntman. Canutt (whose real name is Enos Edward Canutt), began life as a ranch hand and in due time joined a wildwest show where he won prizes for his riding, roping and stunts. Ultimately he won the title of rodeo world champion which in turn resulted in his being cast as a stuntman and in bit parts in Westerns. His films were fast paced, action / adventures in which he performed all his own stunts. Frequently cast as an Indian, people frequently assumed that he was either an Indian or a half-breed (he was of Irish-Scotch-Dutch descent). He acquired the name Yakima as a result of a newsphoto caption in which he was identified as "The Cowboy From Yakima" during a rodeo contest.

Canutt is best known for his exploits as a stuntman. Canutt's amazing leaps from and onto horses and wagons remain, to this day, as some of the most spectacular the screen has ever witnessed.

In the late 30's, Canutt began setting up stunt sequences for other directors and inevitably became one of the best second-unit directors in the business. In that capacity he directed awe-inspiring action sequences in some of Hollywood's most spectacular films.

In 1966 he was awarded a special Oscar "for creating the profession of stuntman as it exists today and for the development of many safety devices used by stuntmen everywhere."

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