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Film Appreciation... James Cameron


The word visionary is seldom applied to people who work successfully in the Hollywood mainstream, but in Cameron's case, it's apt. From his first movies, The Terminator, which catapulted Arnold Schwarzneggar to international stardom and Aliens, one of the few sequels in history to be regularly judged as equal or superior to the original, Cameron has demonstrated an uncanny knack for defying Hollywood's conventional wisdom and landing right on top of the next wave of public opinion.

Initially "Titanic" appeared as though it would be the obsession that would sink the Cameron Juggernaut. All Hollywood delighted in spewing gossip about the costs swelling out of control, and pushing the release back from summer was interpreted by many as a sure sign that the lush romantic epic was destined to fail. As "Titanic"'s boxoffice receipts sailed on to become the most successful movie of all time it is Cameron who has had the last laugh. After all, he did end up wining the award for Best Director for "Titanic"

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