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Film Appreciation... Gus Van Sant


Nominated for Best Director for Good Will Hunting. Gus Van Sant has made a career by making the offbeat and peculiar seem normal and downright funny. From the impressive Drugstore Cowboy to 1995's satirical To Die For, Van Sant has focused on the marginalia of American life and shown its inhabitants' bumbling toddler steps through life with clarity and compassion.

Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's script, offered Van Sant his most accessible material yet. No junkie's or psychopathic media freaks here, just one of Hollywood's favorite archetypes, a misunderstood genius.

Hollywood likes Van Sant. He revitalized Matt Dillon and "discovered" Kelly Lynch with Drugstore Cowboy. To Die For was highly respected and really let Nicole Kidman show her chops. His nomination for Best Director in 1997 was an acknowledgment of a fine and growing body of work.

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