NKCHS Film Club

Who we are
The NKCHS Film Club is an organization of North Kansas City High School. The club is one of Northtown's newest clubs (founded the 1996-97 school year), as well as one of the largest. (Currently, the club has over 200 members.)

Film Club was founded to give film fans a chance to associate with each other. The club has taken extracurricular field trips and also sponsored the first annual Film Club Awards, in which students voted on the past year's films. (Click here to see the results.)

Film Club is sponsored by Ms. Debbie Twyman, who also teaches two classes of Film Appreciation per semester. The curriculum for the Film Appreciation classes is outlined on this website, with reviews of the films viewed in class.

Film Club activities are overseen by an executive council. The 1997-98 Film Club Exectutive Board is: Nathan Chadwick (Co-President), CJ Oltvedt (Co-President), Shannon Merl, Eric Stockton, and Amy Brown.

Film Club is a fun way to start a paragraph.

Film Club's website was originally designed by Sean Henry, who graduated in 1997. It is currently being maintained by Shannon Merl and Amy Brown, both seniors.