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Film Appreciation... Famous Dinosaurs






1 Godzilla, King of the Monsters 1954 This fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex went on to become Japan's biggest box-office success story. Numerous sequels followed his debut.
2 Rodan 1956 A foe of Godzilla's, this enormous pterodactyl was hatched from eggs buried deep in a volcano and went on to devastate Japan.
3 Reptilicus 1962 This dinosaur was discovered at the bottom of a Danish oil well and went on to destroy Copenhagen.
4 Gorgo 1961 When this tiny (65 foot) "baby" dinosaur is captured and put on display in a London circus his mother isn't far behind! Suitable mayhem and destruction follows.
5 The Giant Behemoth 1959 This critter makes his home in the Thames river and ends up trashing London.
6 20 Million Miles to Earth 1957 The Ymir, a reptile from Venus, travels the requisite number if miles to destroy Rome
7 The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms 1953 The most notable thing about this giant dinosaur is his death, he ends up getting his head caught in a Coney Island roller coaster.
8 Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster 1965 This prehistoric monster fest features a plethora of monsters from Rhodan, Godzilla, Mothra (a giant moth), and Ghidrah (a three headed dragon).
9 King Dinosaur 1955 Some of the WORST dinosaurs ever filmed appear in this movie!
10 Jurassic Park 1993 The first dinosaurs ever filmed using the revolutionary cgi process. You will believe in dinosaurs after you watch this movie.
11 King Kong 1933 Although the films title character is not a dinosaur this amazing film features numerous dinosaurs, all of which were animated using Willis O'Brien's remarkable stop motion animation process.
12 The Lost World 1925 Willis O'Brien's Early stop motion dinosaur fest is a true classic!

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