Help! (1965)

90 min

Crazy, funny film, the Beatles' second. Lots of wild gags, many songs (including "Ticket to Ride," "Another Girl," "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," title tune). The story: a religious sect attempts to recover a sacrificial ring from Ringo. Written by Charles Wood and Marc Behm.

Performer Character

John John Lennon

Paul Paul McCartney

George George Harrison

Ringo Ringo Starr

Clang Leo McKern

Ahme Eleanor Bron

Foot Victor Spinetti

Algernon Roy Kinnear

Bhuta John Bluthal

Superintendent Patrick Cargill

PriestsThugs Ronnie Brody, Bob Godfrey, Louis Mansi, Rupert Evans

Austrian Waiter Andreas Malandrinos

Cleaner in Temple Golda Casimir

High Priestesses Deborah du'Lacey, Gai Wright, Zorenah Osborne, Eve Eden,

Zienia, Merton, Marie-Lise

Lawn Mower Bruce Lacey

Abdul Warren Mitchell

Belly Dancer Durra

Doorman Alfie Bass

Production Credits

Producer Walter Shenson

Director Richard Lester

Screenwriter Marc Behm & Charles Wood (based on an original story by Behm)

Editor John Victor Smith

Cinematographer David Watkin

Music director Ken Thorne

Composer Ken Thorne

Songs Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Art design Ray Simm

Special effects Cliff Richardson , Roy Whybrow

Costumes Julie Harris , Dinah Greet , and Arthur Newman

Song performer The Beatles