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Film Appreciation... Organization Of The Cause To Effect Plot


  • The action is often set into motion by an inciting incident. This is an event that lets the audience know what form the conflict will take.

  • There follows a period of rising tension, (Aristotle called this "the raveling"). This is a series of episodes, individual scenes in which conflict begins to heighten and complications develop. Frequently, this takes the form of a series of scenes in which the tension gradually increases. In extremely tense plots these sequences are often be intersperced with comic relief (to break the tension).

  • When the conflict is aproaching its height, a crisis occurs - this is a turning point, an event that makes the resolution of the films conflict inevitable.

  • This is followed by the film's climax which occurs when the basic conflict is actually resolved.

  • This is generally followed by the denouement, a short wrap up scene in which any loose ends of plot and character are tied up or resolved, (Aristotle called this "the unraveling".


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