Plan 9 From Outer Space

Principal Performers

Jeff TrentGregory Walcott
Paula TrentMona McKinnon
Lieutenant John HarperDuke Moore
Colonel Tom EdwardsTom Keene
Patrolman LarryCarl Anthony
Patrolman KeltonPaul Marco
ErosDudley Manlove
TannaJoanna Lee
The RulerJohn Breckinridge
General RobertsLyle Talbot
DannyDavid De Mering
EdithNorma McCarty
CaptainBill Ash
ReverendReverend Lynn Lemmon
ManBen Fromer
GirlGloria Dea
PolicemanConrad Brooks
Vampire GirlVampira
Ghoul ManBela Lugosi

The Crew

DirectorEdward D. Wood Jr.
ScreenplayEdward D. Wood Jr.
EditingEdward D. Wood Jr.
CinematographyWilliam C. Thompson
Costume DesignDick Chaney
Special EffectsCharles Duncan
Set DresserHarry Reif

Certainly one of the most popular cult classics ever made, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" not withstanding, "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is Ed Wood's masterpiece of Science Fiction. What can one say about this double Golden Turkey Award winner (the worst picture and worst director in the entire history of motion pictures)? This film is to truly BAD Science Fiction films what "Citizen Kane" is to great drama, the ultimate expression of the art form. Indeed it was after watching this film the first time that I coined the term "awesome in its awfulness!" A cheese lovers delight this film features the complete stable of Ed Wood's favorite actors (and we use the term loosely), Vampira, Tor Johnson, and the immortal Bela Lugosi in his final performance (he died in the middle of filming and was replaced by the producer's wife's chiropractor). Aside from featuring some of the worlds worst acting it also includes the worlds worst special effects. Perhaps Wade Williams said it best when he commented that, "It has been said that "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is a hymn to all those who have tried nobly to create something memorable and failed miserably every step of the way."