"Schindler's List" (1993)
Oskar Schindler Liam Neeson
Amonn Goeth Ralph Fiennes
Itzhak Stern Ben Kingsley
Hellen Hirsch Embeth Davidz

The film pushes for a cinema verity feel, using a hand held camera to film and incorporating virtually no slick or glitzy camera work. The scenario in which Schindler befriends the German Guard are filmed in the high formal style of the 1930's -1940's. " Cool once calculated with all the antique conventions of espionage dramas." Spieberg has a notoriously demanding style and pace. He shoots with such speed and proficiency that every thing must be perfect.

He eschewed story boards for only the third time in his 14 films. In some sequences he filled several scenes with hundreds of extras, rehearsed then extensively, and then sent hidden cameras and the actors who had lines to speak into the melee. Often requiring then to improvise dialogue and bits of business. Notice how Spielberg fills an area of 5 blocks where you are receiving information from what is happening in the foreground, with the mid-ground and also as your peripheral vision. These are among the greatest sequences of chaos and mass terror ever filmed.

3 hours 15 min in length: Black and White. Spielberg said he had to film it in black and white in order to remain true to the spirit of the documentaries and the stills of the period (universal tried to get him to shoot it in color so that he would have "the option of airing it on television in either black and white or color" - he refused)

The film cost 23 million and was filmed in and around Krakow, Poland using many of the actual sites. They used the actual factory and apartment in Krakow that Schindler inhabited.

The movie needed Spielberg's clout to get made (4 out of the top 10 biggest box office successes are his). He was one of the few directors with enough clout to get it made. He (Spielberg) had relatives who died in the Holocaust. Spielberg had an open-door policy for all the " Schindler Jews."

For Spielberg " the worst days came anytime I had to have people take their clothes off and be humiliated and reduce themselves down to livestock. That is what tore me up the most. It was the worst experience in my life."

Spielberg told the cast, "we're not making a film, we're making a document."

This is an understated film - which was probably the only way to go, when the subject is so overwhelming that all but the simplest words were lower to fail it.

Holocaust comes from a Greek word meaning "complete destruction by burning."

Prejudice comes from the word pre-judge. We prejudge when we have an opinion about a person because of his or her membership in a particular group. A prejudice has the following characteristics:

Discrimination occurs when prejudices are translated into action.

Albert Camus (a French writer) wrote that even though people are often paralyzed by the tragedies of history, "strength of heart, intelligence and courage" are enough to "stop fate and sometimes reverse it."