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Film Appreciation... Movie Games


The Babe (as in go get em pig!) Game
Help Babe herd the sheep in this fun little game.

The Kevin Bacon Game
You have heard of the six degrees of seperation? This site lets you link your favorite actors to Kevin Bacon in the least possible number of films.

Box Office Exchange
If you have ever wanted the opportunity to be a producer and run your own studio, you now have that chance. Create an account on BOX and you will be given $200,000 to spend on movies and options to increase your profit and build your empire.

Fantasy Film League
The Fantasy Film League is a game like the fantasy league sports, but based in the world of cinema. In short, you (the producer) have to buy six stars and a director to make your fantasy film. Then, whenever any of your stars or your director make a real life film, your fantasy film makes money.


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