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Movie Sounds Homepage
Just what you would expect nift sound bites from all of your favorite films.

The Automatic Complaint Letter Generator
If you don't like us you could just say so.

Searching for something? Look here for starters.

Ask Jeeves!
The home of the online, all knowing, cyberbutler. Ask Jeeves anything and using natural langage and this knowledge based engine (that is also capable of accessing Yahoo!, AltaVista, Info Seek and other search engines) will get the answer for you.

The Internet Public Library
This site (maintained by the University of Michigan) allows you to peruse or download more than 7,000 books, read periodicals from around the world and see special collections! You can even ask questions of the reference librarians, or sit in on the RealAudio story hour.

Information Please Home Page
This online almanac (which is affiliated with the paper version of the same name) is a Trivial Pursuit fanatics best friend. Every thing you ever wanted to know and then some.
A how-to source for dozens of skills. Not only does it provide you with all the steps to aster your task, it also provides a history of them as well as illustrating them with colorful cartoons.

MX BookFinder
If you can't find it on you can probably get it here. This data base will search a variety of online databases and generate a list of prices, dealers, and availability.

Sean Henry's Home Page
Enter here if you want to visit the realm of the Mighty Happyman.

North Kansas City High School Service Learning Homepage
Stories of student service at North Kansas City High School.

The North Kansas City School District Home Page


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