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The Internet Movie Database

The most comprehensive search engine for information about films and the people who make them. Back in 1990, Col Needham watched 1,100 films in 12 months and developed this site to prove it. It has gotten bigger and better since then. A movie addict's heaven, The Internet Movie Database has information about over 180,000 films and has won three Webbies (the net equivalent of an Academy Award). By the way, Col's total has now reached over 7,000 films - the equivalent of a film a day for almost 19 years. Now that is what we call a job!
This site features hundreds of sites, each dealing with a particular area of interest. Each of this individual sites is led by a knowledgable guide who "mines" the Internet for the best and most relevant information in their subject area. Our favorite area on this site is the section on Classic Movies that was recognized as one of the two best classic film sites on the web by Roger Ebert in the June, 1999 Yahoo Internet Life magazine. Hosted by Brad Lang this area presents clear and concise information about classic films as well as suggestions about the best sites on the Web to locate information about great films.

AFI OnLine Cinema
Watch classic Hollywood movies on the Internet without time-consuming downloads. - VDO Live at American Film Institute

The Silents Majority
This well organized and informative site takes you back to the days before talkies. It features lucious black-and-white photos of silent film stars like Valentino and Gish as well as clasic spfx shots from such screen legends as Lon Chaney. This site also lists show times for silent films at revival houses from around the world.

Ain't It Cool Movie News
It is here that you will find out about all that is cool within the film industry. I cover scripts, casting, pre-production, production, post-production, test screenings, marketing, and the release of the films. The whole thing.

Mr. Showbiz
Movie Reviews and Gossip about Hollywood and the Media. Links to movie trailers etc.

Coming Attractions
One of the best online sources for Hollywood scuttlebutt, this extraordinary site (developed by Patrick Sauriol), details everything you will ever want to know about films under construction. This includes everything from saleries to prop lists and plot points.

The Greatest Films
The Greatest Films is a unique website containing plot summaries (with actual film dialogue) of some of the best Hollywood and American classic films from the first 100 years of cinema.

Roger Ebert's the Great Movies
Reviews of classic films by the Pulitzer prize winning film critic.

Roger Ebert's Contemporary Reviews
Reviews of all the latest films by the Chicago Sun Times famous critic.

Hollywood Online
Hollywood Online a source of online movie information and previews. This site is a real multimedia extravaganza, with its soundtracks, movie clips and trailers, photos, and much more this site is a dream come true if your browser supports Shockwave.

Movies Suggested for MST3K
Here be bad movies. We're talking movies that make Waterworld look like The Return of the Jedi. We're talking the quality of Ed Wood, Roger Corman, and Bert I. Gordon. This database was originally created as a resource for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 but it has evolved into a forum for viewers of bad movies to share their pain and read silly reviews.
A large collection of material on film for a world-wide audience, offering breadth and depth, and bringing together critics, writers and movie buffs everywhere. The screeningroom contains celebrity interviews, movie trailers, and much more.

All-Movie Guide
A large database searchable by title, actor, or director.

Film Reviews from around the world
You can even submit your own for publication, if you are so inclined

Box Office Magazine On Line
Get access to box Office magazines articles about the industry.

Entertainment Weekly
The online location for Entertainment Weekly's news and views about the entertainment industry in general and Hollywood in particular.

Desert Island Movie Lists
517 Movies Every Film Lover Must See

Cyber Film School
Articles and Interviews, Lots of great links for filmmakers, Reviews, and even an advice section.

The Film 100
100 most influential people in the history of movies.

Good list of movie links

"Your own private Hollywood" Interviews/reviews
Buy or rent movies or DVDs

24 Frames per Second
This journal provides a forum for uniquely personal reactions to films and filmmakers. A broad range of formats has been established for the participation and interaction of its readers. Whether submitting a list of favorite films, an essay on filmmaking, or an experiment in digital cinema, 24framespersecond is offered as an alternative to all-encompassing movie websites.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Official site of the Oscars this site contains much much more than that!

Upcoming film info with inside information.


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