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Film Appreciation... Movie Theatres


Hollywood Online
Lists show times for the movies playing at theaters in your city.
Showtimes and locations for the latest theatrical releases.

777-Film Online
Think of this as MovieFone on line. This site alows you to obtain a zip-code derived list of films and their show times at the theaters closest to you. You can even buy tickests on line and save yourself the wait at the box office.

If the film Online site is busy try this miror site which features showtimes, previews, and tickets for theaters across the US.

Digital City
Lists shows and show times for movies playing in theaters in your area. This site also features information about fun places to eat - so you can plan your entire evening on line. The site features numerous cities throughout the United States so you can check it out before you travel.

AMC Theaters
Lists shows and show times for movies playing at an AMC Theater in your area. You can also link to previews, trailers, and even purchase tickets online here.

Movie Palace Locator, The
Movie palaces, the architecture of fantasy, the grand, the creative, the magical, the glorious. Lists sites throughout the US.


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