Writing Assignment: "Plan 9"

Prepare a typewritten review (using Microsoft Word) and save it on a floppy disk. This review should include the following information:

  • A catchy opening paragraph that captures my attention and sets the tone for the review. Hint: Don't just say it was a bad film-we know that-the question is "How bad was it?!"
  • (2-3 sentences) plot description
  • (2-3 sentences) discussing the relative merit (or lack therein) of the script
  • (3 + examples) of dialogue from the film
  • (2-3 sentences) describe the characters
  • (2-3 sentences) an analysis of these characters performances (delivery, movement, believability)
  • (3 + examples) describe and analyze the art decoration (you might critique the saucers, graveyard, battle sequences, technical equipment, sets, etc.)
  • (2-3 sentences) describe and analyze the costumes and make-up
  • (2-3 sentences) describe and analyze special effects
  • (2-3 sentences) describe and evaluate Ed Wood's performance as a writer, producer, director
  • A nifty conclusion that sums up your opinion of this film and either encourages us or discourages us from seeing it.
    Final Evaluation: Film Appreciation

    Title Page........................25 points

    Notes.............................25 points