Film Review Rubric
Needs Improvement
ContentFabulous opening sentence that establishes the tone of the review Adequate opening sentence that gives the reader some indication of your opinion Poor opening sentence - the reader is left wondering how you feel about the film
Mentions key performers and the roles they play Mentions key performers or their roles Fails to mention significant actors or characters by name
Mentions the important technical aspects of the film and the individuals responsible for these accomplishments or failures Mentions the important technical aspects of the film but not the people responsible for them Does not note important aspects of the film or key people who were responsible for them
Provides a succinct plot synopsis without divulging too much of the film Provides an overly detailed plot synopsis of the film or a synopsis that does not quite give the reader enough information Provides so much information about the plot (synopsis) that the film is rendered meaningless and is ruined for the viewer, or tells so little about the film that the reader can not determine whether or not to see the film
Makes appropriate comparisons to other films (similar genres, performers, directors) Makes no comparisons to other filmsMakes comparisons to other films that are invalid
Provides relevant examples / illustrations from the film to buttress their opinions about its effectiveness (including dialogue when relevant) Provides some examples of action / dialogue from the film that supports their ideas about the film's effectiveness Includes no examples of action or dialogue from the film
Makes a provable case for the film's merit and analyzes what worked and did not work in the film Voices an opinion about the films' merit and points out the film's successes and failures but does not explain why these things worked or did not work Has virtually no opinion about the film other than that "it was good or bad" and fails to explain this opinion or has an opinion about the film that is not backed up by examples
MechanicsNo spelling errors One or two spelling errorsMultiple spelling errors
No grammatical errors One or two grammatical errorsMultiple grammatical errors
No punctuation errors One or two punctuation errorsMultiple punctuation errors
Inspired word choices Appropriate word choicesInappropriate word choices
Solid sentence structure (S.V.O.) One or two poorly constructed sentences Multiple poorly constructed sentences
Good transitionsAdequate transitions (we can tell why you went from one point to the next) Poor transitions (we can not tell why you went from one point to the next)