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Under Construction...

We're sorry currently this page is down. You see, after all of those monkeys typed The Great American Novel we hired them to work on this site. They don't just throw out pages within minutes. Oh no no no... They have their limits. For instance, you have to keep them constantly caffinated and with our good friend, Dr. Zaius, we keep them under control. No free thought for these monkeys!

We also have a wild band of hired goons who call themselves "The Executive Council". These hired goons get the information, who then give it to the monkeys, who then process it, and then it's sent to your browser.

Anyway, thanks for visiting our page and please try again soon. In theory (It's only a theory, don't hold us to it at all. We'll deny everything.) the page will be up and running.

- Hired Webgeek/Goon